Collar Guide for Men: Know Your Collars 101

The portion of a shirt, dress, coat, or blouse that fastens around or frames the neck is known as the collar in apparel. According to experts in the field of clothing construction, a collar differs from other necklines like revers and lapels in that it is created from a distinct piece of fabric rather than a folded or cut portion of the fabric used for the main body of the garment.

A collar may be permanently sewn onto the main portion of the garment or it may be removable.

Although it may seem like there are just a few options for guys when it comes to collared button-down shirts, there is a surprising number. The collars that go with button-down men's dress shirts come in a variety of designs. The band collar, button-down collar, wingtip collar, and many others are among the options. Men's dress pants may be dressed up or down depending on the type of collar you choose. Each style has its own time and place.

In other words, you must have a variety of collared shirt types in your closet—some are elegant, others are casual—because they are all essential. Here are some typical styles of men's shirt collars and tips on how to incorporate them into your regular attire.

Three major categories may be used to classify collars:

  • Flat collars, or collars that rest flush against clothing, Standing collars are collars that lean up against the neck rather than lying flat
  • and Turnover collars, which may be used as flat collars as well as stand-up collars

Changing Your Look with Different Collars


Straight-point collared men's button-down shirts are a more formal collar choice. The style of a straight-point collar is distinctive. Because of their narrow spread, they are "carved using straight lines that finish in points." The design is also "primarily linked with the classic men's dress shirt." Although they're fantastic for any occasion, the report says that weddings and workplaces are where they're most frequently seen.

They are a shirt style that complements men's formal pants or chino trousers. To guarantee that your outfit is suited for the formal occasion, leather dress shoes are the ideal option.


A button-down collar is exactly what it sounds like: a collar that is fastened to the shirt with two tiny buttons. The button-down collar style is the most informal of dress shirts, and it looks excellent with a pair of jeans and boots. You can probably guess how informal this sort of shirt is as many men's flannel shirt collars are button-down in design.

You wouldn't put on your flannel shirt and formal shoes, would you? When you want to support your kids at soccer practice while doing errands, pick this shirt style. In contrast to the often associated more formal collars, the button-down collar is a wonderful change of pace with collared shirts for guys.


Another choice for a formal shirt is a wide-collar button-down. The look is generally worn with a wider knot tie and is best suited to formal situations. High-stakes business meetings or a glamorous date night are perfect occasions for this kind of collared shirt. The most formal dress shoes in your closet and dress pants should be worn with them. As soon as you button it up, the shirt's occasion-specific design will make you feel unique.


Only wear a shirt with a wingtip collar when you're attending a formal occasion, such as a gala or a black-tie wedding. Although tuxedos go best with this type of shirt, most individuals don't need to make the expenditure. For fancy events, you can often wear other formal collared shirts.


The necktie's "noose" ends and the sharp angle of the collar points give it its distinctive look.


The collar's distinctive feature is its rounded collar tips.


A peculiar characteristic of it is the secret button that connects the two collar points underneath the tie (causing the knot to lift and the collar to crease at its midpoint). For men who pay close attention to detail.


A Remarkable aspect of the collar is that it has two buttons and a longer neckband. It is recommended for athletic men; men with long necks; men who wear thick ties.


Identifying feature: almost no collar. Just a neckband. Recommended for creative types, outdoor enthusiasts, manual laborers, layers, and men with a fondness for bygone eras.


Men's polo shirts are a traditional, less formal shirt design. "A close-fitting pullover generally knit shirt with short or long sleeves and a turnover collar or banded neck," according to the dictionary. Polo shirts are used in a variety of settings, including the office, the golf course, and informal days spent running errands. The shirt design is adaptable.

When paired with a pair of men's jeans and boat shoes or loafers, polo shirts tone up the normally informal style of pants, making the ensemble appropriate for a casual day at work. Polo shirts provide a little casualness to an appearance when paired with formal pants, making them perfect for after-work happy hours or parent-teacher conferences.

The best part is that polo shirts are typically manufactured from elastic, silky fabric that will keep you moving all day.

You may have a whole wardrobe of adaptable shirts that you can wear for various events throughout your life by investing in a few different men's collared shirt types. Simply changing the collared shirt design will give you a completely new appearance that is suitable for all daily activities.

The collar of a man's shirt is one of its most distinguishing aesthetic features. The collar of a shirt shapes its profile by significantly framing the face and making an eye-catching impression.

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