Formal Shirts Guide for Your Important Days That Will Make You Standout

A formal shirt is a staple for any man’s wardrobe. Not only do they make a statement in every realm that you step into, they are also a great way to leave an impression. A formal shirt is an incredible way of saying that the alpha has arrived in the room and some serious business is about to begin.

A great formal shirt is one way you announce your arrival into a room full of people with bustling ideas. But styling a formal shirt at the right event at the right time can have even the best stylist perplexed for a bit.

Here is your formal guide to styling formal shirts that make you stand out for the most important days of your career and your personal life.

Checkmate with the Checks

A lot of people are often scared when it comes to wearing checks at the professional dias. But, if you ask us, there’s absolutely no reason to be. Checks are a wonderful way to compliment plain formal pants and add a lot of character to your formal outfit.

To play it safe, stick to monochromatic. One quick tip is to make sure that the size of your checks is smaller. The larger the checks, the more casual your outfit is likely to look.



The Plain Oxford Collar


When it comes to business, nothing works as effortlessly as a solid oxford collar. It’s the sign of a man who knows what he wants, and what he is willing to invest in. You can experiment a lot with colors with the Plain Oxford collar. For a sunshine-filled day event, pastels and light colors work like a charm. For a meeting or official event scheduled later in the evening half, colors like navy blue and maroon are a great pick.


The Striped Arrival


Stripes are a great way to make an impression at an important event. If you’re of the lean body type and are blessed with a tall torso, vertical stripes can work wonders for you. They attract attention to the right areas and scream with seriousness. You can try them in contrasting shades, or go for the classic black and white which never go out of style.


Know Your Fit

A lot of men feel intimidated by formal dressing because they are unaware of the shirt fits that make them look the most attractive. It is important to differentiate between varying fits and know what makes your body look the best and helps you get into your most confident mindset.


The Classic Fit

The classic fit is known for its traditional tailoring silhouette. It comes with a boxy fit and is characterized by an excess of fabric lying around the sleeves and the body. If your body shape is on the heavier side, the classic fit might be it for you.

The Slim Fit


The Slim Fit is probably the most glamorous version of the tailored men’s shirt. A well-tailored slim-fit shirt usually has an accentuated back with darks and it usually fits closer to the body. While often being dismissed as constricting, it’s one of the most loved fits by men in the fashion world.


The Modern Fit

If the Classic Fit is on one end of the spectrum and The Slim Fit is on the other, the Modern Fit lies somewhere in the middle of this range. The coming-of-age Modern Fit is typically characterized by a slightly tapered silhouette near the waist section of the torso and the arm holes are slightly high. It’s comfortable but not as constricting as a quintessential Slim Fit. It is what most modern men, as the name suggests, choose to go with for their everyday work routines in the 21st century.



No matter what kind of shirt makes its way into your day from your wardrobe, the fit that you choose is likely to have a colossal impact on how it looks and feels on your skin and frame. While most people lead us into believing that there is one objective standard for dressing, the truth is, that there simply is not. Fashion and style happen to be very abstract subjective concepts, and each one of us defines these concepts in our own personal ways which are influenced by our thoughts, actions, and experiences in life.

The idea of formal dressing is to wear anything and everything that lends you the confidence to conquer all the important days of your life - personal and professional alike. As long as your clothing is comfortable, gives a voice to your personality, and helps you feel confident in your own skin, almost anything and everything is permissible in the name of fashion.

A lot of people tend to make a whole lot of fuss about formal power dressing. But it simply does not have to be as intimidating as it looks. As long as you’re confident in your skin and are having fun, you’re good to go!

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