Make a Fashion Statement with Kozmen’s Casual Shirts for Men

Ever so often, the word “casual” isn’t given the accord that it deserves. Recklessly thrown around, as a synonym for low effort, most people don’t realize the sheer amount of thought that goes into looking effortlessly and timelessly fashionable.

Curating a well-perfected and nuanced casual outfit that gets the town talking is an art of its own kind. And fair warning and disclaimer - it involves a fair amount of trials and color combination testing. What seems easy breezy, is often not. It’s a lot of thought and complexity that goes into making an outfit look simple and easy.

Here’s a list of seven tried and tested ways of quick and comfortable outfits in which you can make a bold statement with your fashion choice, with Kozmen’s range of casual shirts on your side.


The Classic White Shirt with a Good Pair of Acid Wash Denims

Nothing screams effortless like pairing a timeless crisp white shirt with a pair of acid-washed denim.

Denim has been a loved favorite all over the world. A white shirt is a great way to have the entire room talking about your presence. You can layer it up with some ribbed pearl bracelet on the hands and there you go!


Printed Lavender Shirt with White Stretch Trousers

Day at the golf club? Casual brunch with the boys? A quick walk by the lakeside?

If you’re looking for an outfit that ticks all of these checkboxes and gets you the eyeballs without trying too hard, then here’s the plan for you. Invest in a pastel-colored printed shirt, like the Kozmen Purple Color Casual Maple Leaf Print Shirt, and pair it with a well-tailored pair of White Stretch Trousers. Never gets old and never goes wrong.


Drive Away the Blues with the Right Blue



Casual dressing, if you think about it, is actually a phenomenal exercise in playing with colors. If you’ve perfected the color theory, you’ve perfected casual styling. And there are no second guesses to that statement.

Pair the Kozmen Sky Blue Super Soft Double Pocket Premium shirt with a pair of beige cream chinos for a tapered fit and look. The idea is the make your color palette look soothing and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


Checkmate with the Right Checks for the Season




If you’re going for the straight out of an American Tv Series or Netflix Boy Next Door vibe, then this is going to be one of your favorite looks to create and experiment with.

Layer the Kozmen Black Color Full Sleeves Checkered Casual Shirt over a white round neck tee. Add in a dainty necklace to accessorize, and you have a look!

The silhouette of the black checkered shirt against the plainness of the white round neck will create a contrast that will perfect the Boy Next Door look without too much hassle.


Play Around with Stripes



Stripes are a wonderful way to draw attention to your torso and the vertical half of your body.

If you’re tall and have a lean body type, stripes are a great way to show off and flaunt your physical assets.

Try the Kozmen White Color Men Cotton Casual Striped Shirt with a pair of trousers of your choice, and see if that’s your new Instagram Aesthetic!


Keep It Short!



Shorts are a great way to keep things peppy while dressing casually. They’re comfortable, easy to breathe in, and great for the summer.

You can pair white shorts with linen shirts for the summer. If not that, you can also try your hands at the Kozmen Navy Blue Super Soft Double Pocket Premium Shirt with white shorts for a nice vacation outfit or a day out in the city.


Get, Set & Accessorize

The one golden rule of styling is accessorizing the right way.

The one that makes or breaks while dressing is sourcing and pairing the right accessories.

Casual dressing runs the risk of being dismissed when it comes to being taken seriously. The one way you avert that risk is when you experiment with the right bracelets and neck pieces and earrings (if you’re ready for bold choices like that!)

The end goal of casual dressing is to wear something that you can feel skin in. You must feel comfortable and confident at the same time. Casual dressing can get repetitive at times, but the key is to keep having fun and wearing what makes you feel like your most confident, radiant self.

As long as you have that, the rest of the world can adjust and make space for your expression via clothes and fashion!

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