Stand Out in Style with the Classic White Shirt - 11 Ways to Style Your White Shirt

Styling a men’s white shirt can be a piece of elegant white cake but not everyone can cut a clean slice, can they? However, with little tweaks and the right pair of pants - it can be the statement piece of your wardrobe. It’s all in how you carry it, let the clothing breathe confidence into you. To conquer this master trick, here are 11 ways to style your white shirt:

Men’s White Shirt with Denim

It’s seldom that you’d find an outfit sexier than dark blue denim trousers and a men’s white shirt with the top two buttons open. Pair them with a shade of brown loafers and maybe a pair of sleek sunglasses and a minimalistic watch and off you go.  


White Shirt for Men with Chinos


Chinos; Beige or blue, chinos are the epitome of comfort and class. Throw on a white shirt with beige chinos and the element of surprise, again loafers work wonders as they are a mark of simplicity and a touch of elegance. That makes this fit a perfect casual ‘out-on-a-date’ vibe.


Pair a Denim Jacket with Men’s White Shirt


Denim jackets have an old-school rough and tough vibe to them, so instantly it elevates any outfit. Style our men’s white shirt with a relaxed-fit denim jacket for a weekend brunch or any chilling plans. Pick a darker shade in pants if you choose a light-colored jacket and vice versa. Did you know, that contrast is a thing of beauty in fashion? Well, just top it off with classic white sneakers and wallah! You are the vibe.

White Shirt for Men with Black Pants

A classic heart-throbbing black and white combination can become your easy-go outfit for the days when you want to loosen up a little, and style effortlessly. Pair it up with a silver watch/sleek bracelet, maybe a platinum ring or two, and an elegant Santino. There it is, minimalist and artsy.


Men’s White Shirt with Shorts

Knee-length shorts that give you the perfect summer vibe are dapper. You can also opt for colored shorts such as pastel blue, gray, or dark green and style them with classic white sneakers. For a more rugged sandy look, throw in a long pendant and a pair of espadrilles.


White Shirt with a Casual Blazer

It is our firm belief that blazers should be worn on every occasion. Pairing up a casual blazer with a white shirt and matching denim is a winner. A dark-colored blazer such as dark blue or gray will fit in right and you will look like the man of the hour. A set of matching loafers or pumps and belts will complete the look.

White Shirt with Pastel Pants

Be ready to experiment and don’t shy away from pastels. Pastel-toned pants are ideal for a relaxed, casual, and fun fit. You can look out for pastel pink, blue or green and make a fashion statement. Go ahead with a pair of classic white sneakers and a watch to amp up the look.

White Shirt with Gray Trousers

Gray is the ultimate statement choice with white. It’s a subtle and superbly chic pick for your day-to-night staying-out plans. When paired with a pair of loafers and a belt it can be a perfect day look and a little play of sleeves with some accessories (a pendant or a classic silver watch) can make it a flawless nighttime pick.

White Shirt with White Pants

An all-white outfit is bold and edgy. Gentlemen remember how powerful this combination looks and we would suggest you go for it. You can go ahead with formal oxfords or loafers to elevate your look.

Pro tip: Brown accessories have a modern leaning, so they’d go better than the classic black ones.

White Shirt and a Formal Blazer with Trousers

Deciding for a perfect business formal look? White is the winner. Styling a white shirt for men with dark-colored trousers and a formal blazer will make you look like a millionaire. You can go for a tie or a no-tie look depending upon your comfort. Go with a standard pair of leather shoes to complete the look.

White Shirt with Plaid Pants

This fit is paramount. Plaid or checkered pants give a sharp and dressy look. You can tuck in the white shirt and let the pants make a statement. Select subtle accessories such as white sneakers and a silver watch and you are set.


Pro Tips:

  • Always Remember: let the clothing breathe confidence into you. Looking good is feeling good
  • Either go all Gold or all Silver: never mix-match the two. This goes for neck pieces, watches, and rings
  • If you’re feeling upbeat, throw in a pair of shades and call it cool!
  • The accessory and the money you spent behind them won’t go away with passing trends and hype. So take your time to pick them


A white shirt works with everything, and this distinct trait makes it an excellent purchase. If you know how to wear it, white may be the one hue that makes you seem stunning in apparel.

Undoubtedly, a man's wardrobe's most adaptable item of apparel is a white shirt. Keep a minimum of three white shirts in your wardrobe, with varied fits, fabrics, and patterns paired with minimal, simple yet sleek accessories for different occasions.

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